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starting from €50

Birdee makes investing easy and tailored to your ideas

Among the lowest management fees

Only 1% to manage your money 100%


All our portfolios are composed of sustainable and responsible securities
As solid as a bank
A wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas Asset Management

Estimate your performance

Your 1st payment
Your monthly payments

Estimation in 15 years
with our dynamic portfolio

vs € in your savings account
tons of CO2 saved
On your portfolio compared to the benchmark average

Invest responsibly

Responsible investing is a direct way to have a positive and lasting impact on our society. Birdee selects sustainable funds for you, so you have the power to give meaning to your money.

How does it work?

A support team 100% available to assist you
Sign up in 15 minutes, even for your grandparents
Payments at your own pace or on a monthly basis so you don't have think about it anymore
Birdee takes over and manages your investment without you having to worry about it
Achieve your goals and withdraw your money at any time without exit fees

The best of technology and people for your money

A team alongside, available throughout your adventure at Birdee, by email, chat, phone and video.

Discover the profiles behind the N1 responsible investment application!

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