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What is sustainable development?

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Publication date : 11/06/2019

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Sustainable development, beyond being an idea or a concept is a system, a way to do business, a way to live. It is an approach which accounts for cause, effect, consequence and views at all times the whole picture.

The big three: people, planet, profit

Sustainable development considers three needs simultaneously: those of social, economic and environmental, otherwise known as people, planet, profit. Challenging, and asking: how can we apply innovation to use natural resources in a smarter, fairer way? How can we meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future? How can we render economic activities regenerative, waste-free, more efficient and thereby sustained?

European Sustainable Development Week

Such questions are considered by the people behind and involved in the ‘European Sustainable Development Week’. Which falls each year on the dates 30 May – 04 June. A venture involving 24 countries and 4446 initiatives. Initiatives which support the UN’s agenda for sustainable development for 2030 through 17 global goals. These goals range from ‘good health and well-being’ to ‘responsible consumption and production’ to ‘affordable and clean energy’.

A bridge between

The hope, in essence, is to bridge the country of economic and labour with the environmental world referred to as ‘the blue-green alliance’. It is a questionable view that there is a tension between our social, environmental and economic needs and that the two individual words ‘sustainable’ and ‘development’ in succession should be incongruous.

A Birdee’s eye view

Birdee supports the vision and action of sustainable development and offers portfolios with sustainable development and responsible investment and all of Birdee’s portfolios are progressively becoming more environmentally and socially responsible.
For more information on our portfolio options see here.