Security, our priority !

An approved solution

Birdee is approved by the CSSF (Commission de surveillance du secteur financier), the authority that supervises the Luxembourgian financial industry. This approval guarantees that all procedures that have been set up are compliant with the European regulations regarding asset management.

Continuous testing

All the data that are exchanged and stored are encrypted; to do so, we use the same security level as banks do. To reinforce the robustness of our system, we constantly perform intrusion tests.

Safe deposits

We don’t store your money; we deposit it at our partner bank Sutor Bank, a German bank specialized in online transactions. The assets (ETF’s) composing your portfolios, are also deposited at this bank.

Access transparency

You can track your investments 24/7. And if you want to take out your money for whatever reason, you are free to do so at any time in just a click or two.

More questions?

Check out our FAQ, for the most frequently asked questions.

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