Responsible investments

What are Responsible Investments?

Responsible Investing is no longer a mere purpose, it has become a necessity. Birdee believes that the search for financial gain is not incompatible with the commitment to make the world a better place. So, we developed a range of portfolios that meet the criteria of “responsible investing”.

These portfolios consist of funds that promote certain values which are considered to have a positive effect on society. These criteria depend from one fund to another and are based on the values that the issuer of the fund wants to emphasize. Some of the funds are mainly focusing on the protection of the environment or sustainable development, while others also integrate labor conditions or good governance. Other funds avoid or even exclude certain companies, such as companies presenting high operational risks because they are accident or fraud-prone, and companies active in the arms or tobacco industry.

Birdee and responsible investing

There are several criteria when it comes to responsible investing. Birdee has selected two types: SRI funds (Socially Responsible Investments) and ESG funds (Environment, Society, Governance).

Our SRI portfolios consist of funds which have been selected among 16 ETF whose issuers have committed themselves to value good practices that incorporate environmental, social and governance criteria.

These portfolios are continuously optimized to guarantee the best possible rate of return while minimizing the risks.

They meet three types of risk profiles:

– Dynamic
– Moderate
– Defensive