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High tech fans or finance professionals: around twenty employees from all horizons, united by the desire to develop digital savings solutions.


Geoffroy Linard - Director

Geoffroy Linard holds a degree of the Ecole Polytechnique de Louvain-la-Neuve. He is the managing director of Birdee and has as such the overall responsibility for managing the company. He is also the president of Birdee’s investment committee.
Besides his duties at Birdee, he is also member of various boards of directors of some major managing and investment fund companies, among which the groups Edmond de Rothschild, Pictet, Generali, Dalton Strategic Partnership, Capital at Work.
During his rewarding career, he has been successively director of the Banque Nagelmackers Luxembourg, member of the executive committee of the bank Edmond de Rothschild Europe and CEO of Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management Luxembourg.


Louise Leclère - Product

Louise graduated at the Université de Liège where she obtained a Master in Multilingual Communication and a Master HEC-Entrepreneurs. She joined the Birdee team in 2017.
Dynamic, sporty and always ready to take up another challenge, Louise also has a passion for music, theatre and literature, and she loves to travel.


Eva Bonte - Operations

Eva is a dynamic and curious young woman who recently joined the Birdee team. After having lived some years in Brussels to finish her studies in Economics and gain a first professional experience at Deutsche Bank, Eva decided to move to the Grand Duchy to continue her career in the wealth management industry.


Martin Orban - IT

After having obtained a Bachelor degree in IT Technology, Martin joins Gambit in 2011 as Software Developers. Some time later, he decides to explore other IT related domains such as e-payment and video broadcasting. But after a while, he makes his way back to Gambit. Since that day, he participates in the different analysis, development and test phases of the Birdee solution.
Martin is very ‘new technologies’ oriented and is always looking for new ways to optimize the structure of applications. Even in his spare time, he is working on some personal projects running on mobile and web platforms. But he also loves playing the guitare.


Myriam Benfatto - Marketing

After having obtained a Master in Management & Marketing, Myriam specialized in digital applications by working in the e-commerce business in Paris. She returned to Luxemburg in 2013, where she continued her career in marketing. She joined the Birdee team in 2018.
Myriam is passionate about ballet, music and … football!


Julie Bandini - IT

Julie first got in touch with the magical world of IT during a traineeship at a software editing company that she had to do as part of her studies industrial engineer at the HEC-ULg. After having graduated, she starts working as a consultant for Capgemini where she gains experience by carrying out several missions in the banking industry.
Julie joins Birdee at the end of 2017 as test engineer. She loves traveling and is very interested in ecological issues.


Gaël Minon - Director

Gaël worked in many technology companies where he gained valuable digital experience before joining Gambit in 2008. He is responsible for digital design and customer experience for businesses. In 2015, he was also appointed Manager of Birdee, Gambit’s fully automated portfolio management solution launched to embody Gambit’s vision for the future of robo-advisory. 


David Georis - IT

After completing his studies in Computer Sciences, David started his career as a developer of ERP systems. In a later stage, he focused his professional activities on developing applications, integrating game systems and implementing payment methods. Today, he leads the development teams of the Birdee application and monitors the technical developments.
David is a “natural born” gamer but also likes to spent time with his family and friends.


Youri Clobus - Investment

After having lived for some years in Holland and Canada to finish his studies in Economics and market finance, Youri joined the Gambit team as a trainee. He entered the company ‘for real’ in 2014 to prepare the launch of Birdee, and he finally joined the Birdee team in 2017.
Youri has a passion for cooking and mechanics. He even participated in the famous 4L Trophy!


Thomas Smeets - IT

Thomas holds a Bachelor in Computer Sciences and several Microsoft certifications. He joined the Gambit team in 2009. Today, he is one of Birdee’s main architects. His wide experience enables him to benefit from his expertise in both development and finance.
Thomas is curious and always eager to learn more about new technologies. In his free time, he likes playing video games. But most of all, his is the best dad in the world!


Geoffroy de Schrevel - CEO

Geoffroy de Schrevel consecrated a big part of his professional life in setting up innovating infrastructures for the financial industry: he participated in the creation of the international Maestro system and was responsible for the Global Payments Infrastructure of the Swift network. He leads the company since 2009. His ambition is to turn Gambit into a major European player in the modernization of investment advice.


Gabrielle Machiels - Product

After having obtained two masters in respectively French and Roman literature and Management sciences with primary focus on entrepreneurship, Gabrielle joined the Gambit team in 2017 as a Business Analyst.
Curious by nature, Gabrielle has a broad range of interests including culture, literature, fashion, cooking and travelling. Her ambitions? Learn, discover, take up challenges and excel in everything she does.


Nicolas Dupont - Product

Nicolas graduated as Master in Management sciences with primary focus on Banking and Asset Management.
He started working at Gambit in 2012 as a Quantitative Analyst and carried out missions and projects for Deutsche Bank (asset management) and Neuflize (wealth management). He also realized Asset & Liability Management missions for various insurance companies such as AGI. For Keytrade, he implemented the in-house developed robo-advisor and defined the bank’s management strategies.
He participated in the set-up of Birdee of which he is today Product Owner.
Nicolas is one of the happy few who succeeded in turning his passion for digital applications and new technologies into a career.


Aurélie Meyer - Director

Aurélie joined the Birdee team in 2017 and became the same year member of the executive committee. Her professional experience includes a wide array of skills and expertise and enables her to combine her knowledge on financial, regulatory, accounting and digital matters with client-oriented action.
Aurélie is dynamic, curious, appreciates a joyful (work) atmosphere, likes to dialogue and is always up for a new challenge. But most of all, she is a super mom!


Maité Naniot - Marketing

After having obtained a Bachelor degree in Modern Languages and Literature at the Université de Liège, Maïté completes her studies by a Master in Multilingual Communication during which she carries out a traineeship at Birdee in 2016. A year later, she joins the Gambit team where she is in charge of the company’s marketing and communication activities.
Dynamic and always eager to learn, Maïté loves dancing and … cooking!


Kevin Gries - Investment

Kevin holds a Master in International Finance and started his career as an Investment Coordinator/Analyst, first at Crédit Agricole Luxembourg, and later at Skandia Invest. He joined the Birdee team in May 2018.
Kevin is curious by nature, loves exploring the world and … the latest financial news!


Severine Plunus - Director

With a PhD in management, Séverine specializes in investor risk profiling. As co-founder of Gambit she manages human resources and finance. Séverine also teaches Investment and Portfolio Management at HEC Business School at the University of Liège.


Gauthier Bury - Algorithmics

Gauthier obtained a Master in mathematics and a Master in computer sciences at the Université de Liège. He joins Gambit in 2008 where he held several key positions within the teams responsible for the set up of the Gambit software, first as Developer, Product Responsible, Head of Project and eventually as Head of the Project team in 2013. But Gauthier is also a real globetrotter, and in 2015 he decided to take a leave and make an 18-month trip across Asia. At this return, he joins the Birdee team where he is now in charge of innovation.


Madhi Ahmed - IT

After having obtained his degree in industrial IT and management IT, Mahdi starts working in the telecom industry. Later on, he focusses on web applications. At the end of 2017, be joins Gambit.
Mahdi is dedicated and eager to learn. He always keeps an eye on the latest technologic developments. The rest of the time, he loves traveling and exploring the world – but only if there is wifi available!

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The Birdee Story



A handful of HEC Liège scientists create Gambit Financial Solutions based on their research. Specializing in software for investment support, the company develops expertise in three areas: customer profiling, portfolio optimization and risk management.



After two years of R & D, Gambit Financial Solutions markets its solutions to its first clients: banking institutions and asset management companies.



The company expands into Europe: Luxembourg, Switzerland and France. Around 20 financial institutions use its software and services. In 2016, Gambit Financial Solutions will also be chosen by a major French banking group to equip its agencies with a digital investment advisory solution.



Gambit Financial Solutions raises one million euros from its historical shareholders to launch a tool to meet new consumer expectations. Birdee, a digital investment aid solution, is initially offered to financial institutions wishing to optimize their customer relations.



Open to the general public, to offer everyone a new online savings management solution.


In December 2017, BNP Paribas Asset Management acquired a majority stake in Gambit Financial Solutions. Gambit maintains full independence, but becomes the bank’s preferred partner for delivering robo-advisory services.