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Performances of the second semester 2017

Category : Investment - News

Publication date : 25/01/2018

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Birdee is delighted to present the performance of its portfolios for the second half of 2017.

  • Our Dynamic portfolio achieved a remarkable 6.9% over six months spanning the second half of 2017. This is better than the performance achieved by the majority of our competitors. The credit goes especially to our algorithms which have shown all their effectiveness by favouring investments in markets and promising themes. And of course, our low fees also contributed significantly to this performance. Good news for 80% of our clients who have subscribed to our dynamic portfolios.
  • The Moderate portfolio posted a performance of 2.83%, which is above the average of our competitors. We equitably distributed the composition of these equity and bond portfolios to strategically maintain a moderate level of risk. Our algorithms then optimized them to achieve this nice performance. These portfolios represent 10% of the assets entrusted by our clients.
  • In contrast, the performance of the Defensive portfolio was -0.54%. It has been adversely impacted by negative interest rates on cash investments (very defensive) and tensions on bond rates (defensive). We are obviously very disappointed by this performance, especially since it is also below that of our competitors. We are working hard to review the settings of our algorithms to be less cash-related, and will keep you informed on a regular basis. Less than 1% of our clients opted for our defensive portfolio.

The performance of the other portfolios – which together represent 9% of the assets – will be disclosed in a subsequent file.

The performances mentioned above are real performances realized by portfolios invested since mid-June 2017.

These performances are calculated after deduction of all costs including those of Birdee, but do not take into account your taxation.

The Birdee team is at your disposal for any further information.