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How much money WOULD you have made …

Category : Investment

Publication date : 07/07/2017

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If you had invested in our portfolios?

With Birdee, we offer you the possibility to test all our portfolios. You can choose portfolios that suit your objectives and risk profile, invest some virtual money and follow their performance from day to day. You can test any number of portfolios for as long as you like – it’s free and unlimited.

It’s not a crystal ball of course. It won’t tell you how much you’ll make if you invest for real – but it gives you an idea. And past performance is no indicator of future performance so you have to make up your own mind but you might like to see how our portfolios did in recent years*.

Defensive portfolio Dynamic portfolio
Over 1 year 1.93% 7.57%
Over 3 years 3.12% 9.46%
Over 5 years 3.43% 10.79%


€1000 investment Would have made with Birdee Would have made in a savings account (in France**)
Over 1 year Between €19 and €75 €7,50
Over 3 years Between €96 and €311 €28,17
Over 5 years Between €183 and €669 €67,95
** Savings accounts in Belgium and Luxembourg would have been even lower as interest rates are close to zero

Come a try our portfolios for yourself !

* In order to make this assessment, we studied the behavior of the assets that make up our portfolios (their historical evolution curve) by reintegrating the impact of external events that may modify their behavior (e.g. any financial crises). This analysis was carried out by our algorithms.