Invested amount 20 000 €

Bank charges Based on the average fees applied by the main belgian and european banks.

33 € / month

Birdee charges Based on our 1% fixed annual fees.

17 € / month

Savings achieved Difference between the main bank fees and the one Birdee carries out, on a 10 year basis.

2 567 € / 10 years

Unlike other financial institutions, Birdee does not charge unexpected fees: you know exactly what you are paying for. Our fees are easy to understand and most of all… completely transparent.

The fees amount to 1% net per year. These fees will be automatically deducted from your account every 3 months at a rate of 0.25% each time.

There are no other fees for you to think about.

No extra fee

No entry nor exit fees

The transactions on your account don’t create any extra cost.

No rebalancing fees

We never charge fees for adjusting the composition of your portfolio. Rebalancing is all part of the Birdee service.

No reporting fees

The information and evolution reports you receive are all part of the Birdee service.

What about the TER ?

Users sometimes wonder whether the TERs (Total Expense Ratios) are included in the fees. TER’s are charges levied by fund managers. For traditional funds, they range from 1.5% to 3% but for the ETFs we select, they are about 0.3%. These charges are automatically deducted from the returns on your portfolio. And you won’t have to pay them twice.

Online bank

Long research regarding live insurances and financial assets


Management fees for
your life insurance vary
from 0.5% to 0.85%

Average fees for investment
instruments range between
0.3% and 2.5%


Lots of extra fees : 

Mandate management fee
Exit fee
Installment fee

Online registration
takes only 15 minutes of time

Minimum investment amount
1.000 €

Fixed costs set to
to maximum 1%


No other fees


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Traditional Bank

You need to make an appointment
with one of their advisors.


Average minimum investment amount
5.000 €


Management fees for
your life insurance
1.6% per year


Other additional fees:

Mandate management fee
Exit fee
Installment fee

What about taxation?

But our fees do not take into account the country specific taxation rules. The gains you make on your portfolios will be taxed according to your place of residence. At the end of each year we will send you all the information you need for your tax return.

More info, check our FAQ


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