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Equity markets facing downturn: good news ultimately ?

Category : Investment

Publication date : 07/02/2018

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That may sounds surprising, but the latest market correction is due to a good outlook reported lately for the developed economies! Unemployment rates are decreasing, inflation remains moderate and interests rates are reaching positive values again, especially in the long-term.

Equity markets have experienced speed in their growth and are now undertaking a corrective downturn – investors are cashing out their gains. The major markets have now leveled backed to their December 2017 position. This event was sudden and triggered by central banks claiming rate hikes in 2018. But don’t panic!

Our job is to best manage your portfolios during such turbulent times with the help of our algorithms, which always keep their cool.

Our investment committee constantly monitors and controls our algorithms, which keep faith in equities while abandoning long-term bonds as rates are expected to keep rising (hence driving bond prices downward).

We remain confident despite the experienced turbulence, we continuously scrutinize your portfolios, and our seismograph stands by.

As always, we remain at your disposal for any further question or information.