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Portfolio Protector

By choosing a protective portfolio you want to protect your initial investment, even when markets are turbulent. This portfolio invests in a large range of investment products, including shares, government and corporate bonds, as well as real estate. It enables you to invest in major economic industries such as technology, manufacturing, transportation, agro-food, etc. With regard to shares, we only invest in socially responsible companies. This is the guiding principles for all our portfolios.
€ / 10 years
€ / 10 years
10 years
1 year 20 years
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1 000 €
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For 1 000 €
invested on 10years

Expected gains tooltip icon Amount calculated on the basis of our portfolio simulations. You will have at least a 50% chance of reaching this value.

Maximum lost tooltip icon Amount computed on the basis of our portfolio simulations. You will have at least a 95% chance of reaching a higher value.

Savings account tooltip icon Presumption based on an annual net rate of return of 0.11%

Why choosing this portfolio ?

You are investing in :

  • icon arrow This type of portfolio provides a medium and long-term protection of your capital
  • icon arrow The investments will be evenly spread across shares and bonds, in proportions that will depend upon the situation on the markets
  • icon arrow So, if you invest 1000 euros, you may be 99% sure that you will not lose more than 300 euros
Why choosing this portfolio ?

Portfolio details

Composition Performance
Real Estate
icon portfolio Protector
Savings account
Cumulative return (‎€)

By choosing this portfolio ...

You are investing in :

  • icon arrow Technology
  • icon arrow Manufacturing
  • icon arrow Consumption goods and services

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