Complaints handling policy

  1. Objective

The purpose of this policy is to inform Birdee’s clients of the procedure for managing complaints. It defines also the remedies available to each client in the event of a claim. Birdee has established a complaint handling process to respond to all claims fairly and promptly.

  1. Definition

In accordance with the CSSF Regulation n ° 16-07, a complaint is “any complaint filed with a Professional to recognize a right or to redress a harm”.

Consequently, a complaint is a written or traceable expression (postal mail, e-mail, chat, recorded phone conversation, …) of dissatisfaction, justified or not, filed by a customer in relation to a service or product provided by Birdee. In that framework, a request for information, clarification or service … cannot be considered as a complaint.

The written communication should provide clear details of the issue or matter of concern and include supporting documentation or evidence, where applicable and appropriate. The Client may submit his complaint in French or in English.

  1. Submission of complaints

As set out in Article 20.1 of the Discretionary Portfolio Management Agreement between Birdee and its clients, all complaints in relation to Birdee and the management of its assets by Birdee should be raised in a first instance via Chat.

If the reply is unsatisfactory, the Client may also send his request to the daily manager responsible for complaints at the following e-mail address:

In order to enable Birdee to properly handle a complaint in accordance with this Policy, clients should specify in their communication that it is explicitly a complaint. They should also provide also various information: full contact details, a description of the product or service which the complaint relates, and a detailed and chronological list of the facts risen to the complaint.

  1. Complaint Settlement Procedures

Birdee will treat your complaint as follows:

  1. Out of Court Resolution

If the Client remains not satisfied with the response provided by Birdee, the Client has the possibility to file a complaint with the CSSF.

If within one month after having sent a complaint to the professional, the Complainant has not received a satisfactory response or at least an acknowledgement of receipt, the complaint is considered as admissible by the CSSF, the Complainant can file a request for out-of-court complaint resolution with the CSSF.