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A Marathon not a sprint

Category : News

Publication date : 12/04/2019

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The old-ish adage of: ‘it’s a Marathon not a sprint’ can be a useful one to keep in mind. And that goes for pretty much anything, be it our love lives, friendships, careers and so on.

It’s also true for our finances. And like running a marathon, with investing, taking your first step out the door can be the hardest. Indeed, all the advice I get re investing compares to training for ‘the longer run’:

– Start small
– Go regularly
– Be consistent
– Take care and try to enjoy the journey!

But we at Birdee don’t just leave our metaphors resting on a page, we’re rolling up the sleeves of our freshly designed t-shirts and going the distance at one of the most prestigious marathons in the world: the marathon of Paris.